Mikki Lynne Noble has been writing since the age of eleven. She has always wanted to tell stories in one form or another, whether it be poetry, short story or full novel.

She came in second place in the first paragraph contest at the Windsor International Writer's Conference 2016.

Mikki enjoys everything paranormal, from witches to vampires to mermaids. In her spare time, she reads Young Adult paranormal books, romance of any kind, and textbooks. 

She enjoys learning new things, taking pictures, and playing with her animals, 4 cats and 3 guinea pigs. 

Mikki is working on a few projects currently. Her first novel, Piggybacker is available at multiple retailers. Don't forget to ask your libraries and book stores if they carry it.
I used to daydream in school. Now I daydream for a living.
Mikki Noble